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April 01 2013

Nathan Fillion's divine movie gig. TV Guide reports on Nathan's role as Zeus's son Hermes in the sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

Many Castle fans already view Nathan Fillion as a Greek god.

Not only Castle fans, I dare say . . .

Hasn't this been known for a while?
The news that he's in the film is not new but I think the pic and role(?) is new news. I've tweaked the entry to avoid any confusion.
That's an odd casting choice (based on my knowledge of mythology; I haven't seen the preceding movie). I would cast Mr. Fillion as Heracles.
Janef, he's hardly Heracles now. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, but he's a bit too old for that. Now Hermes is his role alright - he's all about wittiness and charisma, in the books, at least.
And Simon, role is not news, I for one have known for a while
I thought it was previously reported that he was replacing Pierce Brosnan in the films. In other words, playing the centaur not Hermes.
Simon, It was actually from you that we first learned last year that he was playing Hermes: Nathan Fillion to play Hermes in Percy Jackson sequel.
Destructo Girl Close, but wrong Whedon actor - Tony Head is playing Chiron.

I'm actually kind of dreading the visual on that. I have a hard time when fans throw Tony's head on a underwear model/Chippendales-type body. Somehow seeing him morphed into a horse body is gonna be loopy. (Yes, I know it's being done by professionals. Doesn't make it any less weird.)
I swear I have the worst memory. I look at links I posted months ago and I have no recollection of doing so. I did enjoy the first Percy movie. It was good fun.
@katyasha--Nathan's forty-two. Given modern medicine and dentistry, I think he would pass for early thirties as an ancient Greek.

Heracles' exploits started in infancy, but the Labors of Hercules must have lasted for several years. I'm thinking of the match between Heracles' personality and the personalities of the roles Fillion has performed and his own personality. E.g., physical strength and bravery, doggedness, tendency to get into and out of trouble, susceptibility to being dominated by a strong woman (Hera in this instance).

Hermes (the classical Hermes, I mean) is also about virility, guile and speed. He is, among other things, a cattle thief. So I guess that's a good fit after all.

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