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April 01 2013

A Buffy episode makes TVLine's list of plot twists they wish were April Fools jokes. Guess which episode they name?

I'm not sure how a list of bad episodes (including the original "jumping the shark") is a list of "plot twists" that feel like pranks by the shows creators.
I'm interpreting this as "episodes the authors wish had been jokes instead of part of the continuity."
More impressive would be a list of red herrings made by showrunners. The supposed dead Willow thing for example. Or even retcons. Sort of like saying "actually everything that happened in four seasons of Angel was orchestrated by Jasmine."
It's just me that love this episode? Especially the songs.
IŽll never understand why people hate that episode so much. Its not among the best, and the prehistoric make up is a bit iffy, but its full of wonderfull stuff. Parker trying to seduce Willow or Xanders adventures as bartender are priceless and the way it describes some stuffed full of themselves classists jerks is, by personal experience, quite acurate. It has also Buffy trying to deal with Parker in a very humanly stupid way, and the end of the episode and her actually dealing with it is hilarious.
Yeah, some of those were plot twists but Beer Bad is hardly that; it's just an episode. I don't hate it. It's just a somewhat enjoyable nondescript episode. I can't be believe this is the one they chose. Why set seasons 6 and 7 aside? Those are the ones that IMHO need some changing. Can't think of what episode I'd single out though; there's so many to choose from. Xander leaving Anya at the altar maybe?
I'm always somewhat flummoxed by the legions who walk in synchronized goose-step regarding their profound dislike/hate for Bad Beer. Every time I watch it, I like it! I think it's funny. I like Xander as bar-guy, I like the pseudo-intellectuals stuff, I love the line "There will be no Thomas Aquinas at this table," I like drunk Buffy, I like hung-over Buffy, I like cave-Buffy, I LOVE Willow confronting Parker, I like the drunkness = Cro-Magnon metaphor. It is just a funny/fun episodes that takes a stab at the obvious reality of campus binge drinking. Some episodes of Buffy are allowed to be fun, I think, and they all don't have to be Passion/Wild at Heart/The Body/Forever/Seeing Red/Villains/Gift/etc. Usually the people I've watched it with like it as well, and don't rail about it afterward, etc.
Personally, I agree with Keith Topping; the whole decision to resolve the ending with Buffy's hitting Parker on the head might strike us fans as a his-just-desserts ending, but it doesn't really help anyone with thinking such situations through.

Again, personally, I'm no critic so anything with characters and settings I already enjoy is something I can watch. I kind of need to eb clued in on what's quality and not.

And I don't watch those other shows so I can't address the rest of the article.
When Buffy hit Parker, she was cave-Buffy. It wasn't a considered, thought-out, reasoned action. Buffy would never have bashed him had she not been de-evolved [devo!]. It was simply meant to be humorous based on the situation, not a profound meditation on inter-personal conflict resolution...
I've never understood why people hate "Beer Bad". I never really thought much of it one way or the other.
Beer bad is one of my favorite "goofy" episodes of Buffy, I don't get the hate.

I really thought they were going to mention "Normal Again". That's a story I wish was an April Fools joke :)
Worst Buffy plot-twist ever: Angel is Twilight.
Caleb, I'm with you. Normal Again? By far my least favorite idea in the Buffy-verse. Then again, all those 'Buffy as victim' situations rubbed me the wrong way, I just think it's not the best use of the story teller's time/energy to take that path. Conflicted Buffy in crisis I can handle, without that, there's pretty much no show, but portraying her as perpetually victimized? Not so great.

Beer Bad? Good clean fun, relatively speaking.

I do think it's kind of hilarious that my dislike of Parker has carried over so that it's hard for me to accept Adam Kaufman as any kind of good guy, even after all these years.
Worst Buffy plot-twist ever:

Xander is revealed NOT to be a vegetarian -- like I thought he was ever since season 1's The Pack, when he claimed to be going vegetarian after eating the pig -- when in season 6's Doublemeat Palace he knowingly and willingly eats what he things is a meat-burger, so that we can all laugh [ha ha] when Buffy states her hypothesis the burger is made of human flesh. No vegetarians amongst the Scoobies, therefore, until Principle Wood steps up and represents in season 7.
Worst plot twist on Buffy? MagiCrack!
NOOOOOO!!!!!! Not Beer Bad! I love Beer bad! For me i had a whole "ick Joss make it stop" over Riley & the initiative. In fact that whole season pissed me off, OZ?? What were you thinking?!
"Beer bad is one of my favorite "goofy" episodes of Buffy, I don't get the hate."


And I love this ep. as well. It's silly & funny, Buff is hilarious as "cave slayer", and still saves the day.
Xander; "What did we learn about beer?"
Buffy; "FOAMY!"

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