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April 01 2013

First look at Eliza Dushku in 'The Saint'. Deadline has a trailer for the show.

I'm seeing it right now. More people should see it right now. Heck, make Eliza "The Saint", because she's that good in this trailer
It seems very... CW - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
She reports US networks are interested. A&E or TNT I'm guessing. Unless it runs as Summer filler it won't be on a broadcast network. Definitely basic cable.
Looks good. And could be a very good role for Eliza. In the books Patricia Holm is no bimbo or damsel in distress, she is Templar's equal and their relationship was way ahead if its time.
I very much liked this role for Eliza Dushku, all strong, smart and glamorous, with an understated hint of soul.
Very cool looking! I hope it gets picked up and does well. I love when Eliza is on my screen regularly. Makes me a happy Whedonesquer.
Looks good - hope it gets picked up!
Looks fine. Can't Eliza be the Saint?

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