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April 01 2013

Comic-Con 2013 Schedule Leaked! Including lots of Whedony goodness - including a first time gathering of all the Whedon Brothers (minus Zeppo.)

I guess that means Zeppo Marx won't be there. Or is it Xander?
There is NO way any of this is true. What an April Fools Day joke.
Poor JJ Abrams, it seems he will be exhausted by the end of that weekend :P.
I think one April Fool's joke per site is enough, isn't it?
Poor JJ Abrams, it seems he will be exhausted by the end of that weekend :P.

Not to mention bladder-challenged.

ETA: Actually, I now desperately want someone do a mockup trailer for a Mayhem movie.

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They totally stole that Curly's Gold title from Billy Crystal (City Slickers).
Best April Fool's joke all day :D
All JJ all the time?
Poisson d'Avril!

Can't believe they left out Zed Whedon.

[ edited by FloralBonnet on 2013-04-01 19:19 ]
No, I don't think it's a an April Fool's joke.
Personally, I want to go to the Marvel panel which will include: Special appearance by Kim Jong-un, who recently signed a deal to play himself as the Avengersí newest and greatest foe.

Also - Supernatural: The College Years
That was hilarious. Poor JJ. :)
They put some effort into this, and I appreciate an elaborate April Fools Day joke. Of course I really enjoyed Nathan Fillion's much simpler joke too.
As soon as I saw the Star Wars bit I felt so stupid for clicking the link. Remember when Joss direccting Avengers was leaked on April Fools Day?
Glad to see JJ getting back in the game.

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