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April 01 2013

New online webseries VERSUS has a Bond vs Buffy match-up! Some crazy geeks (nerds?) in London have created their own match up series on youtube, and this episode is our own Buffy the Vampire Slayer matched up against James Bond. Who will win? Who do you think?

No need for debate. Buffy would stomp Bond into a pulsing puddle of slime. I like the part where he says "I already lost this before I even opened my mouth..." No contest! BUFFY WINS!
Yeah, this is no cavemen vs astronauts debate. It's Buffy. I can see bond putting up a pretty good show, but in the end, he's not got the supernatural stamina for this fight. He's toast.
Buffy gives lecture about not using guns. Bond shoots Buffy dead. The end.
Shooting a gun isn't a good metric for a super-hero match-up because if you end up with two characters who are known for gun totting, who wins? The guns negate each other. Therefore, I'd think that such a hypothetical match wouldn't simply be two people facing each other and then drawing their guns [or stakes, as Buffy's case may be], but engaged hand-to-hand combat.
Buffy gives a lecture about using guns. Bond pulls gun. With slayer reflexes, Buffy cartwheels fast out of bullet's path, runs, flips and does Black widow neck thing on Bond while crushing the hand gripping his gun. Bond goes down. The end.

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Buffy however wouldn't kill a good human. Bond if need be, would.
I'll see your gun and raise you a rocket launcher.
I've been advised by hubby that James Bond was not adequately represented in this battle.

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