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April 01 2013

WGA writing credit for Speed. Graham Yost talks about WGA decision on splitting writing credits for Speed with Joss Whedon.

Interesting perspective. WGA does tend to make that sort of thing a bit bizarre. And there's a part of me that thinks if they're going to add a bunch of writers to a script, it would be nice to see who was really doing what.
Credit should be given where credit is due. Always. The rest, to me, is nonsense.
Darkness, in the comments section for the article, someone pointed out that the rule exists to stop people, who contribute nothing to the script, from being given credit if they randomly changed enough words in a draft. Not all credits are due.
And thats why i said that credit must be given due, when credit is due. And the rest is nonsense.

Anyway, i prefer somebody getting credit for randomly changing a couple of words than having somebody who actually did a lot getting absolutely none.

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I suppose it's all water under the bridge at this point but certainly one of many stories that bolster the fact that our man paid his dues and then some.
Weird. Joss Whedon gets no credit for a huge amount of work on SPEED. Jeffrey Lieber is made a multi-millionaire for contributing a few broad character archetypes to LOST.
I believe Joss mentioned on Riki Lindhome's podcast that before Buffy he sold a project to some studio which he described as "Die Hard on a bridge" and that he was told that this we keep him forever employed. This sound like Speed but Yost is credited with the original idea for the project. Does anyone know what the Die Hard on a bridge project was?
Tausif, Die Hard On A Bridge was a Joss original script called Suspension. It was never made and AFAIK the script isn't available online.
The deal with Speed was that the WGA give plot, action and structure the most weight while dialogue is hardly considered. Weird I know but that's how they decide. Joss did almost every line of dialogue in Speed, or at least that's what's been said, but hardly any of the structure, plot etc. I think he also decided to kill off the guy who tried to escape.
And an example of some of the dirty tricks that can happen, which is why people like the WGA have to have rules, is the story of the Star Trek TOS words to the theme tune. You don't know the words to the TOS theme tune? Hardly surprising. Roddenberry scribbled some lyrics on the back of and envelope and said they were the "official" lyrics. That got him personally half the royalties for the theme tune, and cheated the composer out of that half. The words were never used or even recorded but Roddenberry got paid every time an episode was aired.
But who could forget Lieber's iconic catchphrase for LOST - "It's as simple as this - together we survive, apart we don't."
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