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April 02 2013

'The Avengers 2' scheduled to shoot in the UK in early 2014. Screen Daily reports that the movie is "due to begin shoot at Pinewood-Shepperton in early 2014, with production due to get underway later this year."

Hmm, wonder how they landed on Pinewood after doing so much of it over here in New Mexico...Marvel loosening the purse strings perhaps?
Better tax breaks and the strength of the dollar against the pound may have played a part. Plus other Marvel Universe have been shot there.
Marvel Studios' production locations have been scattershot. "Thor" and "The Avengers" were shot mostly in New Mexico, their sequels have moved overseas as well as "Guardians of the Galaxy". Whereas with "Iron Man", the first two were shot in California but relocated here to NC for the third installment. Whereas "Captain America" shot in the UK, but relocated back to the U.S. for the sequel. So confusing.

Marvel's looking for the most bang for their buck, but I would love to see another Marvel film shoot here in North Carolina. But the security for "Avengers 2" would be beyond insane for people trying to get a glimpse of the stars.

You UK folks are so lucky.

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This makes me uncontrollably excited :D 2014 is not so long away...
It was actually neat to see the Captain American bits filmed in my stomping ground (Liverpool).
Outsourcing! (not that I care one whit whether it's filmed "here" or "there" - regardless I'm square.)

ETA: Although I do find the idea of filming something called Captain America in the UK to be incredibly ironic.

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Shepperton is definitely in Surrey - formerly Middlesex. "the latest collaboration between Marvel and the Buckinghamshire hub" is thus a little odd. Pinewood is in Bucks, but is a different location, though not too far for Iron Man to fly, I suppose.

It's good news, though. I wonder if Joss will use any other British actors he may have worked with before? (*cough* ASH)
That's like a mile and a half from where I live. Huh.
I thought it made sense to shoot the first Captain America movie in the UK. That's where WWII happened, after all.
So, since it's in the UK, can Tom Hiddleston be in Avengers 2? ;)

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Sooo long wait ...
This will presumably mean Joss is further from home, which is a shame.

(Not that he would probably have much time to trek back home during shooting, but the longer the trip, presumably the less likely it is.)
brinderwalt-Did you notice that Captain America shows only Union Jacks following the fall of Hydra?
It doesn'T surprise me that their new cycle of movies is filming there.

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