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April 02 2013

Fansite says J. August Richards is in S.H.I.E.L.D.. There's no official confirmation yet but it would be very nice to see him back in the Whedonverse.

That would be amazing! I miss him
J's been dropping hints about some big secret...??

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If they are going to reach back into prior Whedon show actors, I'll be glad if it's to snag him.
PLEASE let this be true...
Fingers crossed.
Hope this is true.

He's been tweeting about being in an upcoming episode of Arrow, which I certainly didn't know about (but it probably was posted here at some point!)
This would be very cool... but I don't see anything that looks official (do we assume that this site has some inside information somehow?).
Hope it's true!
I have geekbumps!
Yay pretty much sums it up. Loved him on Angel, but haven't seen him in anything since he did an episode of Grey's Anatomy about three years ago.

I'm watching Arrow, too, so should be cool to see him pop up there too.
PLEASE let this be true! J is a awesome actor and would I would love to see him work with Joss again.
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss! That would be friggin' fantastic! I'd love to see him on the show. Please, please, please let him be a regular...
If this is true, I am SOOOO excited!!! This just brightened my entire day! Please, oh please let it be true!
I was hoping that he would become a regular on Grimm because I think that show would benefit from another really great character which I think he could have provided.
Tausif, which episode was that? I don't remember seeing him and it's not listed on his IMDB page.
eeeEEE This would be very exciting!
Though that post is dated 4/2, they *did* do something similar (and about as substantiated) as an April Fool's prank:
That would be so awesome!
Sounds like this could be the secret he's been tweeting about!!
That would be great. He would so fit in.
I'd be more than okay with this!

Been feeling the need to rewatch Angel recently anyway.
Well I could see on twitter that J. August Richard is not only being followed by Joss, Jed and Maurissa... he is also being followed by SHIELD_ABC I mean @ABC_SHIELD (that kinda seems like a confirmation to me!).

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Joss has a twitter?
Ever since the Much Ado About Nothing bus trip to Austin, TX, Joss has been using @MuchAdoFilm as his twitter handle. Occasionally he signs his twitter -Joss, but even when he doesn't sign it, I think he is the only one using that handle.
It has to be him. This is a very recent one: "Joss to @tomlenk @wondercon the Much Ado clips were AMAZING! Best film ever! Oscars all 'round. #unbiased #makingsadlittleclayoscarforself"

C'mon J, let the S.H.I.E.L.D. news be true!
Yes TonyaJ, Joss started with this:
Hey it's Joss. I'm tweeting. I'm a member of the twitterati. I hath tweeth'd. It's on.


And later proved he was himself here:
"Some questions as to the veracity of my tweety identity. PROOF, Doubting Thomi! (Pllural of thomas. Work with me.)"
They're not *all* Joss, as the account was tweeting the WonderCon panel from the back of the room.
b!X, maybe Joss can be two places at once - more hitherto unknown superpowers! :)
@MuchAdoFilm tweets are a mix of the fine folks at the distributors and joss. And just to avoid confusion, @ABC_SHIELD does not follow Mr Richards as mentioned earlier (linky).
I remember there was a post on the site's forum a while back about his involvement, and it seems that IMDB lists a stuntman for him. The moderator of the forum and the site also mentioned that he had a suspicion when J. August started following him on twitter a while ago.

- Nevertheless, I can't wait for it to become official news, IF it is really true!

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Another story about this from TVLine can be found here .

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How is this news not blowing up Whedonesque more?! This is really exciting. It will be a pleasure to see him back in the Whedonverse.
Probably cause Gunn isn't more popular or controversial.

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