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"And working up a load of sexual tension and prancing away like a magnificent poof is truly thanks enough."
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April 02 2013

Check out Nathan Fillion as Hermes AND Anthony Stewart Head as Chiron in the new Percy Jackson movie. The trailer is up on YouTube.

Also Anthony Steward Head is there too!
That's also Anthony Stewart Head at :18 in.
Nice to see Nathan and Anthony getting some feature movie love!
Wow, there is an awful lot of Vancouver in that trailer. Nathan's tweets about being here make way more sense now.
Thanks guys. Can't believe I forgot to mention Anthony.
Oh.My.God. Is Tony Head a Centaur?! I mean Nathan makes a very convincing policeman but I am blown away by Tony The Centaur Head!
All right, I wanna see this movie NOW!

Tony! (Gorgeous Centaur) Nathan! (Hilarious as always) And that
Wow, the movie looks pretty bad.
Anyway, glad to see Tony Head in a blockbuster !
I'll see it, I'm pretty sure my twelve year old will want to go and I get a few minutes of Fillion, Head and Harry Pottetesque vehicles.
I love that Anthony is Cheron. Already was a fan of the Movie, this just makes it better! And Anthony has alot experience with being a role model...
I had completely forgotten even seeing the trailer for the first PJ movie. Or ever hearing about PJ.
Why do Hollywood movies derived from Greek mythology always have to be assimilated to a dualistic worldview? Chronos is not evil; he is a personification of Time, the devourer of all things.
I thought it was Chronos' hatred of mankind and general cruelness that made him evil. Plus, he tried to eat his children.

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