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April 03 2013

(SPOILER) Teaser for Marvel's Phase Two. This video taken from the 10-disc collector's edition of the Phase One movies contains clips and interviews about MCU's Phase Two, including some footage from Thor: The Dark World, Ant-Man, and Iron Man 3. Joss very briefly comments on the state of Avengers 2.

Additionally, there's some brief impressions from Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.
io9 also has a nice breakdown of the teaser.

I'm practically drooling. Now I know how my dog feels when he sees me eating a steak. May 3rd cannot get here fast enough.
Great. Show me so many pretties but I can't have them NOW.

Marvel is teaching me patience. I don't have to like it, but I know you don't want to rush a good thing.

Also, I squealed at the clip of Coulson. Is SHIELD not considered part of Phase II?
Wow! I just am blown away by how carefully Marvel has developed this juggernaut.

It's a stunning road and Joss is right there. Right there!
Ant-Man looks *so* cool!
I probably wouldn't be all that excited about Ant Man if it wasn't Wright behind the camera; with him involved, it could be a very fun film indeed.
Joss says it is extraordinary, sign me up!
May and November couldn't be here soon enough....
The video was taken down.

I'm totally confused on the gun-toting raccoon - guess I better start researching Marvel comics so I know what the heck's going on in these movies.

Or...just enjoy them for the story they tell. I wasn't a real big X-Men or Fantastic Four fan (I knew about them, just didn't know them) but I liked those movies.
I read The Thanos Imperative to familiarize myself with Guardians of the Galaxy, but since it's been a good 20 years since I was a regular Marvel reader it was simply many, many characters I knew nothing about getting in big space battles and the Guardians were just a handful running around shooting and flying in it. Thanos himself was fun though. Based on some recently released concept art and some of the initial word of mouth, they will be going for a Star Wars vibe on that one.
Yeah this all seems a bit copyright-infringey.
The Ant-Man test reel leaked a few weeks back and was taken down, but someone captured most of it in .gifs if anyone's interested:
I don't know a whole lot about Guardians of the Galaxy, so I'll have to read up on them as well. Just looking at what I've seen, I'm not sure I can tolerate the raccoon. I have an awful feeling that he's going to be a deal-breaker of the Ewok or Jar Jar Binks variety.

(This may or not be because I both loathe and fear raccoons.)

Why couldn't he be a fox instead? Foxes are so much cooler...and less scary.
Coming out from hibernation.

Guys, you can read Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett/Lanning to familiarize yourself with them. The movie cast is actually based on that volume. Thanos Imperative was more of an 'event' book I think.

Rocket Raccoon is awesome. If Drax is the team's Wolverine, Rocket would be Cable (but funnier)... a tactician and he likes to use huge guns. I think he'll be the breakout star in this one, just like Hulk was in the Avengers.
My "patience" for IronMan3 and Thor: The Dark World is growing thin... They need to come out NOW! Haha.
Can not wait!
GoG sounded weird to me, too...then I read up on them. If Avengers are the HS jocks, FF are the star nerds, X-Men are the cool goths, GoG are like that table in the cafeteria where the rejects sit. should be fun. (I like the future version, where they still have Cap's shield...MADE IN USA!!)

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