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April 03 2013

Much Ado About Nothing to be shown at San Francisco International Film Festival. There's two showings for the movie, April 27th and 29th.

Thanks to Adrienne for the heads up.

But it completely skipped Portland International Film Festival. Pfft.
Dang. Might be worth the bus trip up for me.
If you can get there, don't even think about it - just do it. It's so very worth it.
Anyone know if joss will be there?
It's still early, but he might be at the first screening at the 27th. I'm trying to snag a press pass for Whedonopolis, but I'll try to get to either screening.
Will there be tickets left after the member sale? Also, I can't figure out how much the tickets for non-members would cost.
I would go on the 29th but it says you have to be a member to buy tickets...
.... Wow. Um I live in the city so could totally go, plus even the chance to see Joss is tempting! Will wait to see if there are still tix left after the member pre-sale.
Just ordered my ticket for the Saturday show. Says you have to be a member and can't get them as a non-member until tomorrow. I'm a non-member, but I got a confirmation... :)

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