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April 04 2013

How Joss influenced Bob Harris' "The International Bank of Bob". Bob reveals a nifty bit of narrative advice Joss gave him in this Nerdist Writer's Panel podcast. Relevant part is about 4 minutes in.

That explains why Joss was given first dibs with his blurb in the book.

I've read Mr. Harris' "Prisoner of Trebekistan" (as a longtime Jeopardy! watcher) and enjoyed it tremendously, especially once I realized with a shock who "Jane" was. I haven't read his other works, but he seems like a talented writer and all-around smartypants (in the best sense of the term).
Yes, Jane Espenson had helped to promote Bob Harris' "Prisoner of Trebekistan" (she is the reason I bought it and read it). He is a good writer.
@embers, I stumbled across the book in the library and was interested enough to read it, without knowing about the Espenson connection, so it was a pleasant surprise.
Bob Harris interview was terrific.

Nerdist Writers Panel podcasts are generally informative and worth the time if you have an interest in the nutsy-boltsy aspects of TV writing in LA. It's really interesting to go back to old ones and hear how things were done differently only a few years ago.

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