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April 04 2013

Enver's deleted scenes from "The Avengers". His character originally had a lot more to do.

I actually live and work in Cleveland and ran into him on the streets. That's how I found out he was in it. Then a few days later (LOONG story short) I got on set and got to talk to Joss. He told me that Enver got a little mini-arc in the movie. Sadly, it got cut but here it is now.

I can see why this stuff got cut, but the "little guy" aspects of it were neat and sort of a precursor to what Joss wants to do with SHIELD I guess. Also, awesome story Xander!
And the waitress is the woman from Dollhouse! These cut scenes were like Whedon central! haha. But I see why they got cut. Distracting from the Avengers characters.
And Jillian Morgese is in it as well. Doing some very good background acting. I can see why she caught Joss' eye.

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Are these scenes available someone, apart from someone posting them on YouTube ?
They would have been nice to have on the Blu-ray.
One complaint about the movie that I sometimes hear is that it mostly glosses over the carnage of the battle. (I don't know what kind of movie these people were expecting to see...) It is nice to see the bits of story going on with tertiary (quaternary?) characters.
"THE GUNS ARE VERY GOOD" is so perfect.
I believe there is a new box set of the Avengers with a bunch of deleted scenes.
From the timing, I'd guess these are on the 10-disc set.
There's another clip of Captain America saving a family in a car that's kind of charming. The suggestion was made on the YouTube I love the idea of these being turned into a short film of some sort.
So, also likely copyright-infringey.
Well, since this was cut we can still assume that his character is still alive at least! I like the idea of New York cop that is constantly in the wrong place at the wrong time and has to step up and be a hero on occasion. Oh, wait...
Until seeing him get killed (which could be ignored since it was cut), I was hoping that Enver would show up in SHIELD as a cop who got recruited the same way the 2 from Item 47 did.

Some time, I really need to type up my experience being on the set of Avengers. It was literally the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I got to sit behind Joss for 9 hours while they filmed in the building where Cap saves the hostages. I got to chat with him several times. Seriously just BEST DAY EVER! I still can't believe it happened!
*sob* They killed Enver! I was really moved by that, I wish it was part of my DVD extras.
I wasn't expecting to be so moved by deleted scenes! I love these clips, although I can see how they would have slowed down the big climax.

They remind me of what Joss said about originally writing this as a war movie. Seen all together like this, it's like they're from a different film.

Dude Meister, I hadn't made the SHIELD comparison. I just got even more excited for it.
This was so cool. I wished they'd include the full set of deleted scenes in the DVD/BD instead of just handful selection.
Figures he'd kill Enver. I like Jillian Morgese just fine, but what did they do to her hair?! Seriously I thought that maybe she was transported from the 18th century. I was really hoping that something would happen between her & Cap, but I think it was just Joss showing off his favorite actors. ;)
I wish Joss didn't delete the scene with Cap saving the family in the car. That would've been a nice touch.
Would have been nice to have more Enver Gjokaj in the final cut of The Avengers.
Everyone's comments are reminding me that Joss was probably very attached to these scenes prior to doing Much Ado, and that his 'vacation' made it easier for him to let go of it for probably some of the reasons we're liking it. Now we finally get a glimpse into why it was so hard for him (especially your comment, Bluelark).
...not like anyone's ever bought a director's cut with 45 extra minutes, right?
**eyes green, red, and blue volumes on shelf.**
well, gave that game away....
seriously, I like the feel of these scenes a little better than what made it in. (Given the nature of the film, I can see why 'they' wanted to avoid a mini-movie in the final battle, but it would have been better to see it all in context.)
Oh, that's too bad - it's been taken down on copyright claims from Disney. I watched it earlier, and just came back to show it to a friend.

I wonder if there's another copy out there somewhere...
I wonder if they got them all. I saw one with Loki and the Other complaining about losing the battle for NY. it was nice seeing Loki's buyer's remorse, and The Other blaming it on Loki's leadership....
There are one or two more uploads of the same -- try doing a search for Avengers with the filter for uploaded in the last day or week.
The deleted scenes on the original Blu Ray were better. These are just scraping the barrel.

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