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April 04 2013

Adam Baldwin on Jayne's perfect woman, Firefly's demise and more. He's a guest at this weekend's Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

I suppose Jayne would find an upper class prostitute to be the perfect woman... But if that's the way Adam portrayed him, I never noticed any correlation between the way he was acting and his obvious physical attraction to Inara.
I'll have to keep an eye out for that when I re-watch the show next.

That was a surprisingly well-written article.
I remember once Jack Nicholson in an interview mentioning that when he works, his character always has some secret to him that no one else knows, not even the director, that somehow informs his acting. It sounds like Jayne's attraction to Inara wasn't a secret to Joss, but I can see how it could inform his character in subtle ways without being obvious to the viewer. And yes, why wouldn't he find an upper-class companion to be the perfect woman. She's gorgeous, smart, and miles above him in status.

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