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April 05 2013

"A World Without Shrimp" - a Buffy essay. This originally appeared in the "Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors Discuss Their Favorite Television Show" anthology.

This is great! It does make me wonder (again) about the post-Connor reality in Angel.

Is it a magically-induced new reality a la "Superstar", or is it it just memory alteration, rather than an actual change in history? The latter is what I *had* thought, but now I am wondering: Does that mean nobody outside of the AI team remembers Jasmine either?

My brain is spinning!
Joss doesn't seem all that fond of alternate histories; thye've implied strongly that all the events elading up to the Fray x-over, including GreyWillow, are predestined. Yet another reason for my disaffection.

Don't agree with some points but can understabd them, except the ridiculous one about Willow's threat to Dawn. Willow spoke about turning Dawn *back* into a ball of green energy, not about reversing time.

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Yeah, something tells me that if Willow had the power to reverse time in "Two to Go," she would probably use it for something other than re-Keying Dawn.

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