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April 05 2013

(SPOILER) Rebekah Isaacs Q&A for Angel & Faith #20. In which the Angel & Faith artist answers fans' questions about last week's issue and drops some interesting hints for issue 22.

Vey good Q/A.Loved her teases for issue 22.
I love Rebekah. My sis and I met her at MegaCon two years ago, and talked with her for an hour. She is a sweetheart, and super talented.

I love the fact that she mentioned drawing Drusilla and Angel in Dru's childhood home! Still one of my fav moments in Season 9.
I've heard a few references to A&F (not to be mistaken With Abercrombie & Fitch)
#22! makes me excited and a little anxious for it
Cute, sweet, talented, a Buffyverse fan, and artistic, that's the kind of girl I'm looking for:)

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