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April 05 2013

Promo for Felicia Day's upcoming return to Supernatural. The episode airs April 24th.

If they kill her, I'm done with this show for a while. They destroyed several pieces of key mythology in this week's poorly written ep.

There is a better writer for her ep in two weeks so I am a little more hopeful.

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Felicia is probably the best thing that's happened to SPN in the last 2 seasons, so yay!
Nice to have her on SPN. Her episodes are always fun and I just love her character!
They're bringing back Charlie again? Cool. Maybe she can just join the team full-time?
I'm starting to feel like they are over using Charlie. It seems like her episodes are amounting to nothing more than geeky fan service. She's not an important character by any stretch of the imagination. I think it's just a cheap ratings pop because so many people in Supernatural's target demographic are probably Felicia Day fans, myself included. I don't mind it, but I can see it for what it is. She's not really bringing anything important to the show

Supernatural is really having an identity crisis these days. Since the end of season 5 it doesn't seem to know what to do with itself. It feels like a show that staying on the air just for the sake of staying on the air. I'm a fan, but the show really has lost its sense of purpose. I watch it just out of a sense of loyalty. One thing I don't like is how it constantly retcons its own mythology as previously pointed out. Also, Dean and Sam are constantly regressing as characters too, always going through the same recycled character arcs

Another major problem with the show has to do with characters deaths


They've practically killed everyone. Supernatural has the highest body count of any show I've ever seen, leaving it desperately in need of a good, regular supporting cast to take the attention off the rapidly becoming boring Winchesters.

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@Angel&Faith, Misha Collins is becoming a regular next season - but what character he will be playing is left to be seen. I would love to see how Cas and Charlie react to each other though!

I don't get the hate from some SPN fans, I mean I like Charlie and I like Felicia but I'm not kidding myself into thinking she's anything more than a fun, geeky distraction and a way for the boys (Dean especially) to subtly share 'feelings' on issues without losing macho-points.

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