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April 05 2013

Metacritic scores older TV series, including Whedon classics. Metacritic has begun to lengthen its chronological scope by aggregating reviews for series which aired before the sites' time. The first seasons of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly now have Metascores.

It's certainly fascinating to read some of the original critical responses, especially if you're a newer Whedon fan. Here's hoping they continue with this and score the later seasons as well.

Some of those early online reviews are not easy to find. For an fan historian, they are fascinating insights.
I wish the publication dates were set to the actual publication dates, not the dates on which they were added to the site.
That's so funny - the worst review is from Orlando Sentinel, it's basically Buffy-bashing, but another 1998 review on the same site says Buffy is the best show on TV. Nobody can resist haha
The One True B!X, they did kindly add the original publication dates to the end of the posts!
so we can go back in time with Ugly Stix for "Josh?"
I like how they've included a placeholder for a Season Eight they've clearly heard exists but don't realise is actually a comic.

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