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April 05 2013

TV Line confirms earlier story that J. August Richards WILL appear in S.H.I.E.L.D.. His role is "super top secret".

And I see they went back and added a link to the SHIELDtv fansite that broke the story. That wasn't in the post originally.
Great to hear.Since the role is secret,I wonder if it's a character from the comics?

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Is this a recurring role or a guest spot?
Young Nick Fury? :p
I'm sitting here wondering the same thing electricspacegirl! I'm thinking he is Fury's nephew who was hired solely because of nepotism (Fury's wife made him hire him). Of course that is just me making up stories in my head.

I am very excited, and I hope he isn't going to be killed off in the pilot.
(I see that Mitholas is thinking along the same lines as me...).

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I instantly thought Luke Cage.
I'm think recurring big bad. AIM or Hydra or The Hand.
This should be good. Always thought his work on Angel was remarkable. Glad to see him back in the fold, as well as back in the genre.
Could be Nick Fury, Jr., now a part of the 616 universe. Or T'Challa?
One of the comments on the linked post says J. August was an extra in the Avengers. Can anyone confirm that?
I like the Luke Cage idea. But just because he's black doesn't mean that he's related to Nick Fury in some way. Just sayin'.
Yayyyy! Loved him in Angel (I thought Gunn was underused/badly written at times, but JAR was always great). Looking forward to seeing him in a new Whedony role! I could see him as a SHEILD agent, a superhero, or a big bad. Or maybe a superhero who becomes a big bad, and is eventually redeemed? The longer his story arc is, the better!
He was in Avengers!!! And he had a line as well! Haha.

He was at the end, near Stan Lee's cameo, where citizens of NY were being interviewed.
This is great news! I can't even hazard a guess at what his role would be, (since most of my Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D knowledge comes from the film...bad nerd), but I look forward to seeing him on TV and in the Whedonverse again.
katsadako-what I like about this MCU is that you don't have to be familiar with Marvel Comics! (I don't even own ONE Avengers book.) I like them using the chars, and building their own stories. (I read about a superhero film premiering this year where one would want to appear, 'like you actually read some of the books.' Hey, France called, they want their pretense back. mayhaps we found why some movies play as if the ending has already occurred.)
This has been a diversion from the point at hand-I can't hazard a guess as to what role he'll be playing, I'm known to be too accurate.
I can 100% see him as a young Nick Fury and not just because they are both black. I think in "A Hole in the World" Richards in the White Room displayed a very Sam Jackson-esque intonation and flamboyant acting ability that he never used previously. I can see that sticking in Joss's head. Also it's a way to have the character in the series without him being in the series.
Setting aside the "oh they're the same race" thing, another reason why I want JAR to not be related to Fury is since that sort of makes the universe feel way too small.

While it would be convenient to have someone and think "oh they're somehow relevant to this other character we already know/like" by making it too close-knit then if you go too far then it feels cramped.

It would be fun to see them widen out the scope a little bit though and try to bring life or new takes to untouched corners.

I'm a little curious how wide a net speculation can go though. Like while some characters are off-grounds for Marvel to use on film, like those who are related to the FF, X-Men, or Spider-Man are they then forbidden from using those same characters in TV?

Like they're getting away with some animated crossover...
Isn't "S.H.I.E.L.D." supposed to be set after "The Avengers," which would make it impossible (barring a TARDIS) for a young Nick Fury to be part of the show? Of course, what would be really funny is if J. August Richards was playing Nick Fury's brother, David Fury :)
Shapenew: "Isn't "S.H.I.E.L.D." supposed to be set after "The Avengers," which would make it impossible (barring a TARDIS) for a young Nick Fury to be part of the show?"

Flashbacks to the early days of SHIELD?
Maybe SLJ said he's not up for doing a reoccurring role on SHIELD? The movies are one thing, but asking for someone to do a regular TV series is rather grueling. I could be wrong as I have absolutely no bias for this. Just thinking out loud. There is a bit of an age difference, but considering every time there's a new artist in the comic world every character seems to get a bit of a redesign, I don't think people will mind. I would love to see JAR play someone else as well. Diversity is always better.
@Shapenew: Well, how can you be sure there isn't a TARDIS involved? :D
According to wiki, SLJ kinda ownz Nick Fury now. It's contractual that SLJ play him in the films-probably TV too. I don't think Fury is going to show up that often. (stems back to the comic-book redsign of Fury based on SLJ.)
What if Richards plays Fury's young CLONE? dealbreaker?
T'Challa, the Black Panther? Maybe test the water on TV before they announce a film? Fans have been clamouring for one...

But I'd prefer any of these:
Brother Voodoo - more glimpses into the magic side of Marvel?

Blade - Marvel has the rights back to the half-vampire vampire killer... (too close to typecasting maybe?)

G.W. Bridge - Could make for a very interesting turncoat storyline

Moses Magnum - Because I'd like to see J August as an antagonist
I can see what you're saying orangewaxlion, but I thought that having J August be Fury's son or nephew or whatever would open up avenues for Daddy issues that we have so enjoyed in the past (Buffy and Wesley both). When building family in a show it is always fun to see that the actual biological family is only a source of pain/frustration/stress.

Wow, SimonHelbergIsMoist, those are some really awesome ideas! I'm getting very excited to see where Joss is going to go with this.
I just hope he's a regular. Is the main cast already set?

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