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April 06 2013

(SPOILER) Fanboy Comics interviews Christos Gage from Wonder Con. Gives some more hints about the end of season 9 for Angel & Faith.

I met the Fanboy Comics presidents at WonderCon while I was waiting to get my comics signed from the Buffyverse writers and George's Jeanty; they are sweet, awesome people who are true fans!!! Can't wait to watch this video! :D
I've liked Bryant Dillon's reviews this season, so it was good to see him get an interview with Christos. Good for him and for Fanboy Comics.

It's reassuring to hear that Christos would have written Spike differently if he had appeared in more episodes, presumably, toning down the 'acting-up.' I'm still disappointed with what we got though. I've loved his writing on Angel and Faith this season - lots of heart and soul, and would have liked a bit of that for Spike. I don't think I enjoy the comedy foil stuff as much as I once did.
Thank you so much for posting my interview with Christos and the wonderful comments! Sometimes, I'm not sure if anyone "out there" is paying attention, so it's nice to get the feedback. I hope you all keep enjoying all the "Whedon-goodness" Fanboy Comics has to offer!

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