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April 06 2013

Jeph Loeb on Joss and Buffy Animated. 47:45 into Part 2 of this episode of the Fat Man On Batman podcast, Jeph Loeb (Executive Producer of S.H.I.E.L.D.) tells Kevin Smith the story of how he met Joss and what became of Buffy: The Animated Series. Contains some adult language.

"When you have a dream, you do not want to wake up from it. The things you want to wake up from are nightmares. So if you have someone in your life who's telling you not to follow your dream because [...] they're trying to be a good dad or a good wife or a good husband or whatever [...] I'm just the person who's just saying 'no' you know? Chase your dreams; wake up from your nightmares."

From about 5 minutes before the end.
It kills me how close we were to having Buffy Animated in or hands. I am glad they didn't give up the heart of the show for MTV though, sounds like it would have been a messy situation to be in. Though this must have been around the time of the "adult" Ren & Stimpy and Stripperella days.
I hadn't realized that so much work had gone into Buffy: The Animated Series. Jeph Loeb spent a year and a half of his life working on this: "we were about to ship to Korea," he said. That story 52 minutes in that explains in detail their meeting with MTV is heartbreaking: this was so close to becoming a reality!

So it goes.
I remember as a kid I was pretty upset when Fox Kids went away. At the time I wasn't even sure why since the Power Rangers that I liked weren't even on anymore....
Now, I know why. I think my heart unknowingly felt the heartache of my future favorite show taking a hit. Our connection is that strong, guys.
To be honest, I would like to keep Loeb as far away from Buffy as possible. That dude writes some of the best TV and comics around. But half the time it is really, really terrible.
That story about the meeting at MTV is crazy. MTV basically wanted Buffy animated porn. What creeps.

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