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April 07 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot kept under lock and key. Deadline says the reason that no one is talking about the pilot is because virtually no one has seen the footage.

I'll wildly speculate that the pilot references the events of Iron Man 3.
I want a release date already ._.
May 14 can't come soon enough.
I do love a good Primetime Pilot Panic.
Prime time pilot panic is amusing as long as everyone knows it is created out of thin air by whatever bs agents, managers and pr people are feeding Nellie that day. There is no actual information or insight contained within the updates. And I'm also very glad that nothing has leaked on AoS. I probably have every other pilot script but there is no way to get that one. Not for me anyway and that pleases me. :)
I wonder if it will screen at San Diago?
It almost certainly will, buffyfanatic. As long as some kind of massive reshoots aren't necessary.
There will probably be something big about it for ABC upfronts when we will have new Whedon penned scenes to share with the world. And that is only a few days after US release of Iron Man 3.

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