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April 07 2013

"Nerd Prince" Seth Green stars in autism movie. Seth talks about his successful career, the difficulties of his new role, and his 17th year doing Comic Con.

I saw "The Story of Luke" at the Heartland film fest last summer just because Seth Green is in it. He was great (though I wouldn't exactly have described him as subtle). And the movie was better overall than I'd expected. Funny and sweet.

Seth really has done a lot of very different roles.
I'm always wary of movies about autistics that weren't written by autistics. Apart from Punch Drunk Love, which didn't mention autism and may have accidentally been about someone Paul Thomas Anderson didn't realise was autistic, they tend to characterise symptoms rather than tell stories about people. If it's well-written though I'm sure Seth could pull it off.
I can now claim I out-nerd Seth Green! This year will be my 19th Comic-Con. :)

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