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April 08 2013

Pic and synopsis released for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'. Find out what's planned for Steve Rogers after his Avengers adventure.

Robert Redford? Dang, I must've missed when he got added.

Gotta admit, I'm more excited for this after reading the synopsis.
Didn't know Scarlett/ Natasha was gonna be in it, now I'm excited! Let's hope they don't undo all the good work Joss did with her character...
The fact that it sounds like Natasha is going to have a bigger role than I imagined is what excites me. I really didn't like her in Iron Man 2 (like at all), and then Joss came around and now she is probably my favorite comic-film-superhero.

Sooo yeah. This is what I'm looking forward to most in Phase 3. (alongside Avengers 2 and Tony/Pepper)
Widow, Agent 13, and Maria Hill. I hope they're all used well.
I know Joss is taking an unintrusive approach when it comes to how he's helping with all of these Marvel films (basically he says he's there if they need him), but I hope the one thing he did for Cap 2 was tell them, "I kinda made Black Widow don't screw it up."
If SHIELD does get a 22 episode order and airs this Fall, what are the odds that the show's season finale arc could tie in with the events of Captain America 2?
I'm glad Natasha is in this one--maybe she'll get her own movie after this?

Also, I hope Joss read the script, and tweaked it if necessary. Black Widow was awful in Iron Man 2, and after seeing her in Avengers it'd be really depressing to see her badly written again. Also the Marvel movies, while individually awesome, are collectively androcentric to a frustrating degree: So far, Natasha is the only major woman character who is not somebody's love interest. So I really really hope she gets to stay awesome, and that Maria Hill and this Agent 13 person get to be awesome as well.

Fortunately, Joss is a certified expert at Strong Woman Characters (TM), so that gives me a lot of hope.
This is pretty much Avengers 1.5 not that I'm complaining.
erendis: Is Maria Hill a love interest?
And how many of the male characters are not somebody's love interest?

(And before you ask, Coulson has his Cap crush, and Fury loves that Hulk cage.)
I don't think many would consider Maria Hill a major character considering that she was barely in The Avengers. Here's hoping she has a bigger role in this movie.

Mostly I'm excited for more Black Widow.
OneTeV, while I get what you're saying, I have to agree with erendis. Nobody is saying that Peggy Carter, Pepper Potts, etc. aren't good characters. However, they are generally perceived to be love interests for the heroes. If your name is in the title of the movie, then you aren't looked at as the love interest. Without any Black Widow movie, I don't see this perception changing.

Black Widow and Maria Hill are really the only ones who weren't love interests first, so I just hope these characters continue to get more focus and we get to see more like them.
Unfortunately thats just following suit from the source material. Hopefully they eventually introduce Ms.Marvel who is not only not a love interest but also a powerhouse on the level of The Hulk and Thor as far as strength goes.
Agent 13 is Sharon Carter, Cap's new love interest. She's the granddaughter of Peggy Carter, Cap's old love interest.

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What manbearpig and eddy and SuperScuba said.

I like Maria Hill, but I don't think she qualifies as a major character, at least not yet. (I'd guess a lot of casual viewers don't even remember her name from Avengers.) Of course, she will hopefully become a major character down the road. I also like most of the love interests--but while they are good characters, they're not the protagonists. All the protagonists in this world are male. Again, this is not a criticism of any individual movie, but of the cinematic universe as a whole.

I'm not familiar with the source material .... the only Marvel comic I got into was X-Men, and of course that's off-limits for the filmmakers. Which is a pity, since there are some great female heroes in that series.)

Anyhow, "Winter Soldier" sounds good, and I'm looking forward to it.
I'm not familiar with the source material ....

The Winter Soldier is Bucky, Cap's friend from WWII who seemingly died in the first movie. Bucky did not die: he was found by the Soviets and brainwashed into becoming a super assassin equipped with a robotic arm. The Soviets kept him frozen in suspended animation between assignments, hence Bucky has not aged since WWII.

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