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April 08 2013

Love is on the air: Who is the greatest TV couple of all time? The Elite 8. Buffy and Spike made it to the next round of EW's poll. Will they get to the semifinals?

I'm pulling for Lily and Marshall to emerge victorious.
Well I'm afraid Buffy is going down to Glee's Kurt & Blaine. The one that confuses me is Samantha & Darrin: which Darrin exactly? Samantha was a total bigamist; did she think we didn't notice that even though they had the same name she was married to two completely different guys?
I'm feeling very Joan Crawford today. No.more.Polls... Evahhhhhhhhhh! Ahem.
In related links, I clicked on the link, '21 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever' at the bottom of the same article. Dawn Summers made it onto the list, and so did Kennedy.
Were Buffy and Angel in this poll? Just curious.
@eddy : Apparently they only wanted one couple, so they had a different poll before the big one, and Spuffy won over Bangel.
Yeah, there was a qualifying round. Spuffy beat Bangel, Delena beat Stelena, Sookie/Eric beat Sookie/Bill, and Sawyer/Juliet beat Sawyer/Kate. There might or might not have been another one that I don't remember.
What I don't understand is, in the previous round there was Ross/Rachel in one poll and Chandler/Monica in another. Why didn't Friends have a qualifying round? Seems a bit unfair...

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I guess it's because it's 4 different characters for Friends, as opposed to 3 for Buffy and the others.
Chandler & Monica in the Sweet 16 round against Marshall and Lily was just unfair
@Nico-Angel: Oh yeah, I forgot that. Makes sense.

Niiiice. I'm always down with the Kennedy hate.
Was it limtied to m/f couples?
No, DaddyCatALSO, since Glee's Kurt & Blaine are a same sex couple.

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