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April 08 2013

Seattle International Film Festival's Opening Night Gala: Much Ado About Nothing. Joss Whedon, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and Clark Gregg are scheduled to be at the event on May 16th.

So, yeah. Portlanders basically got screwed because our film festival was before SXSW instead of after.
$50 for a possible chance to shmooze with Joss, Nathan, Amy, and Alexis. And it's on a day I can't attend. #grrrr
Times like this make me wish I lived on the west ooast.
Wish they would come to the San Francisco screening!
I am looking for a more dignified response than "SQUEEEE!" but am failing so far.
So close yet so broke... :(
So I'm guessing they are all skipping the Wisconsin Film Festival since it is April 18th and no one has announced that they are going. Oh well, at least I'll get to enjoy the movie!
Woo Hoo!!!!! I was hoping that it would play SIFF, but this is even better. I already bought my tickets.
My wife and I have our tickets too.
Like Scotto, I have no dignified response. Just an OH MY JOSS! I just got my ticket, and it feels almost surreal, like when the Serenity screenings were popping up, but times a million.

Press release on the historic occasion:

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Sold out unless you can afford the $225 red carpet level.
Update to b!x post - all tickets are now sold out. Apparently it took less than six hours and was "the single-greatest success in SIFF box office history".

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Happy for those that got their tickets. I was extremely lucky to be able to see it in Toronto (on my birthday!) in a theater filled with fans and the cast. It's the best way to see a movie, IMO. It was a great time. Wish everyone could see it that way.

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