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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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April 08 2013

Adam Baldwin on Jayne, Firefly and the enjoyment of acting. Talking to Australian press ahead of this weekend's Supanova convention appearance in Melbourne, he said while he would "jump at the chance" to reprise the role he didn't see Firefly returning any time soon. "Joss is busy with Avengers and Nathan is busy with Castle, his television show, so if it happens in the next three or four or five years, sure, but beyond that, I don't want to be 'old-guy Jayne'."

Dear Universe,

Everything else I could forgive in time, but you are a right bastard for not giving us more Firefly. That is all.

- E
What he said.
I'd still pay to see 'old-guy Jayne.'
I'd love to see old guy Jayne.
Old Man Cobb - it has a nice ring to it.
The crutch is just a prop.
Never knew he was in that thing, too.
I don't know, I'd be up for a 30 year old River rounding up the gang to do a little Alliance ass kicking.
I think everyone who loved Firefly would love to see a 'where are they now' movie set 15 to 20 years after Serenity. The fact is that these characters would still be interesting.

So right now Adam isn't interested in playing 'old guy Jayne' but maybe in a few years (when Joss & Nathan have more free time) he'll realize that old guys can be layered, edgy, and awesome. And personally I'm willing to bet that all our Big Damn Heroes will still be looking good.

I can wait (I can't give up hope).
Love the fact that 'old-guy jayne' is now a tag.

Adam Baldwin will also be at the Supanova Gold Coast event on April 20-21st at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, which the article fails to mention. I'll be there, but I'll be working so I don't know if I'll get any time to see Adam. :(
"I think everyone who loved Firefly would love to see a 'where are they now' movie set 15 to 20 years after Serenity. The fact is that these characters would still be interesting."

Not me. I'd much rather they switched to animation and picked up where the movie left off, or soon after.

Part of the problem is Mal and Inara. I don't want to believe that they're still "will they/won't they"-ing 15 years later, but I also don't want to skip over the relationship and be told that they're at a different point now.
I think, given their occupation, a lot of them would be dead.
No, I'd want to see one of them - Zoe probably, rounding up the gang in order to break Mal out of Alliance Prison. Plus what Zoe and Wash's 10 year old son that she didn't know she was pregnant with in Serenity, looks like. As for River, and Simon and Kaylee (now married), the Alliance wouldn't dare touch them after the information about Miranda and the events of Serenity became public. So now Simon's set up his own free clinic on one of the outer planets, with River and Kaylee running the bush spaceship medical transportation - she's the pilot and the Kaylee of course is the engineer. Jayne's gone back to being his own free-lance low-end thief and marauder with his usual success, so he's willing to sign back on because he knows he actually had a better thing with the Serenity - plus there's that sneaking conscience that he just can't get rid of, still making amends for betraying Simon and River all those years ago. The only real question is Inara. Wasn't she supposedly dying of a disease when she signed on board Serenity? She might be dead. Or maybe - survived, but hideously ugly - not so good for the companion business. Where would she fit in? And then there's the possibility that the Alliance secretly took DNA samples of Wash and there's a full-grown Wash replica hidden in one of those other Alliance labs - maybe one with no memory of Serenity or Zoe, or thinking of the Alliance as an enemy.

Lots and lots of possibilities for where they are now - and where they're going next.

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