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April 09 2013

15 screen costumes you've seen somewhere before. Vamp Willow's costume was reused on Bones?!?!

Yup - photographic proof that our favorite uncomfortable outfit was also used on an episode of Bones.

very cool and impressive if only i owned it!
Yep, I saw that episode. And I kept thinking "That's Willow's vamp outfit!" In fact, I remember looking it up and finding an article where someone had pictures side-by-side. (FWIW: The character in question works at a pirate-themed tourist attraction.)

Some day I'd really love to have a replica of that top.

The one that gets me is the little girl's outfit that's been in use since 1967! They must take really good care of it.

(Some of those are not exactly the same outfit, like the first example they use, and the dress from Anna Karenina.)
I imagine that the cost of materials (particularly if there is antique lace and/or hand beading involved) is so great that it makes sense for some kind of costume broker to own them and rent them out.

Of course a lot of University Theater Departments have a huge cache of costumes they re-use year after year. And I was working for Ford's Theatre in DC when one over-reaching Art Director okayed a hand beaded original costume for $20,000 (we could NOT absorb that cost, we were non-profit!), luckily the show was bought by a Broadway company that bought out all the costumes and sets.
Even with modifications, I dont' think that's the same costume. The base material looks different. But, could be (maybe it's just the lighting difference.) Hmm, too bad(or, maybe, lucky for Alexis,) I'm sure Aly could find some use for that get-up in the bedroom *grin.
Embers - Much of the UK costumes are probably owned by Angels the Costumiers, who've been hiring out costumes since before film and television even existed. They bought a lot of the BBC's costumes when the BBC decided it wasn't cost effective to keep millions of pounds worth of old costumes in store - and they now dress most of the films shot in Britain.
20th Century Fox Studio maintains a large wardrobe department, and they rent out to other (non-Fox) productions, so it's entirely possible for a costume worn on one series to turn up in another. Since Fox made "Buffy" and now makes "Bones" (which even shoots on the Fox lot), it seems like a "Buffy" costume could easily make its way onto "Bones."
If you look at "trivia" pages for various British classics adaptations of Jane Austen and other period sources, they all share the same dresses.
Some of them look close but not quite, like the Kate Winslet/Alexis Beldel one look different colors and have different numbers of buttons and the pattern doesn't quite match... Some of them just look like pattern matches but with different material.
They left out Simon Tam first wearing Dr. Horrible's coat in "Ariel."

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