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April 10 2013

Amy Acker on CSI tonight. Amy plays a role in a story about a triple homicide in which the main witness is a 6-year-old survivor.

Man Amy Acker is everywhere.
Tahmoh Penikett now has a recurring part on Bomb Girls. :)
DeathJim: Great place for her as far as many of us are concerned.
Does that mean she did it? Popular actors and actresses on those types of shows are nearly always the guilty parties. Like 9 times out of 10. Sort of takes the fun out of the mystery. Though I am intrigued by the idea of Amy Acker the criminal...
MP She was reprising a role she played a couple years ago, a gal with "bad luck" with men - her boyfriends keep dying in weird ways. Hers was the secondary plot. The main one had me choked up on more than one occasion.
The main one was rough, but her role was funny. Spoilers follow: She had broken up with a guy who had been found dead in a car trunk in a car that had been set on fire. Initially, the guy was thought to have been murdered, but Greg found that the real thing was- wait for it- that he had tried to kill himself by eating mole poison (since he was a groundskeeper), and that, having received a text message from her asking to go out (which she had accidently sent to him instead of the real person she was dating), he stopped the car and went to the trunk to get something in an attempt to live (since he thought they might be getting back together) only to have the mole poison react with other chemicals in his gut so that he actually belched fire up his stomach and esophagus (rather than swallowing it as they originally thought) and falling into the trunk, which in the subsequent fire and explosion closed down on him and locked him in. Okay, this does not always add up, but that was the gist. And when Amy's character realizes it, it's like, oh, thanks, need to talk to my dad and gotta go.

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