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April 10 2013

Much Ado About Nothing gets a PG-13 rating in the US. The movie will be out in June.

I don't know if this has been covered here yet, but I spied a 12A rating for the UK DVD on Amazon.

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It's a 12.
Is PG13 like Canadian PG or 14A? (also, is R the same as 18A? Now I'm just being curious.)
I just wish I knew whether it was coming to Australia.
@redeem147 in my experience it can go either way but usually the rule of thumb is us pg13 is 14a then R is 18a and NC17 is canadian r at least in effects, theyre all over with ratings and there are us R movies that get canadian pg or g.
Don't get me started on the MPAA ratings and their board. You can say the F word and show all kinds of violence in a PG-13 film, but it is the sex that will catapult your film with the speed of sound into R or NC-17 or unrated land. I hope nothing was cut from MAAN to get it that rating.
Yeah, didn't Joss promise lots of sex and nudity? /kidding>
If you watch Be Cool (2005, John Travolta), he states that it's PG13 if you only say the f word once...which he does in that sentence, and that's the rating it has. I have no idea what violence and sex do to the ratings, but there's the swearing figured out :)
You can say the "F" word once in a PG-13 film. More than once is an automatic R. Bare breasts are an automatic R. You can, however, have considerable violence and still get a PG-13. Since I'm not sure how the ratings work elsewhere, I will just say what the MPAA ratings are supposed to do here. G is general audiences. PG is still general audiences, but parental guidance is suggested. PG-13 means that parental guidance is *strongly* suggested (but not enforced) for persons younger than 13. R means people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. NC-17 means people under 18 will not be admitted.
@Bluey, Me too! After the fight we had to put up to get Cabin in the Woods a cinema release here...although maybe it's just a thing with horror films, as the new Evil Dead only has a limited release (despite performing extremely well in the U.S?).
Ah, excellent. I have something else to see in June besides Man of Steel.
There has been an overall wimpification of movie ratings over the years, I must say. I miss when "R" meant "if you looked old enough to maybe have a learner's permit, the clerk wasn't going to hassle you".

I am looking forward to seeing this too. I am glad for the PG-13, to be honest, I don't think you can do Shakespeare justice and be just PG, let alone G.
If you want a look at how the MPAA system "works", and by that I mean doesn't, watch Kirby Dick's documentary "This Film is Not Yet Rated". I know that it's on Netflix on-demand.
@ Shapenew, bare breasts are not an automatic R-rating. Remember Titanic? Or The Fifth Element? More recently there was nudity in Friday Night Lights. It's not common, but it happens.
I would very much like to take my 10 year old daughter to see this but am a little on the fence depending on what rates it a PG-13. Based on the subject matter I can only assume nudity/sex.
MrArg, there's no nudity from what I recall (allbeit actresses stripped down to their underwear) but there is a sex scene. We don't see the nitty gritty but you can work out what's going on.

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