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April 11 2013

Steven DeKnight's Science Fiction drama in development to revolve around a female hero. Steven DeKnight, who wrote episodes of Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse, as well as being the creator / executive producer of Starz' Spartacus, talks to Maureen Ryan about his next project.

Extremely excited for this. I wasn't too thrilled with Spartacus at first but I had a marathon watch of all 3 series a couple of months ago and now I absolutely adore it.

I can't wait for this!
Sounds awesome. Fingers and toes are crossed that it moves forward.
DeKnight created one of the best shows of the last few years with "Spartacus", I am know checking everything he does, and this new show looks very promising.
After Spartacus I will watch anything/everything DeKnight is involved with from now on. Such a fabulously unique voice/viewpoint.

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