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April 11 2013

Never-before-seen concept art for The Avengers and Thor. Absolutely mind-blowing artwork by Steve Jung -- I find his vision of Thor's Asgard particularly stunning.

There are also some concepts for Battleship and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

I do like that Asgard, but I also loved that Jotunheim actually looked like a home.
Love these!!! I wouldn't mind having these up in my walls as paintings! Haha
This makes me wonder about the script process. I wonder what the alley scene with Loki, the Quinjet and Iron Man would have been like.
I think the scene with Loki, the Quinjet and Iron Man is the one that is in the movie but takes place outside of the museum and a crowd of people.
I'm really intrigued by the first one -- it looks like an early version of the Stuttgart scene, where some Wagner opera is playing at the opera house. Now that would have been an amazing clash with the "real" Asgardians ;-).

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Is it me, or are the Twin Towers smack in the middle of this image?
Now that you mentioned it.

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