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April 11 2013

Morris Chestnut has clarified that he's NOT in talks to play Black Panther. Scroll down the page to see his tweet.

His body type is wrong for the Panther's silhouette, in my opinion, anyway. Some one more slender would be a better mark for that particular character. Chestnut has more of a Luke Cage body, although I personally will accept no substitute for a Terry Crews Luke Cage.
D.B. Woodside should be under consideration for Black Panther.
I don't know Mr. Chestnut from Job, but sometimes getting the 'character' right mean finding the best actor, even if that actor is really wrong on some count. i.e. Hugh Jackman is at least 10 inches to tall for Wolverine, but he nails everything else about the part.
I don't know Mr. Chestnut personally, but he always seems to add to a production. MCU is doing a great job of finding things for people to contribute. If not Black Panther, I'd hope that he finds someplace.

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