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April 11 2013

New 'Much Ado About Nothing' poster! has the scoop along with an interview with Alexis Denisof.

YES. See? The world needs a Joss Whedon Hamlet. With Fran Kranz as Hamlet. And Alexis Denisof as Laertes. And Summer Glau as Ophelia.
Hey, Amy gets first billing. Go Amy!
Billing is in alphabetical order, but I suppose it's still nice to be listed first.
Having seen the movie, I would like to see Joss write a sequel*. I love the actors and I love the characters. It's a great film.

*Yes I know that sounds amazingly daft and will never happen.
And this time next week I'll be just a few hours away from finally seeing it.
Loved the clips that were shown during WonderCon. I adore the play and Kenneth Branagh's version so I'm beyond excited for Joss'.

And my sis jokingly told Joss at WonderCon that if he does do Hamlet that he should cast Tom Hiddleston as Hamlet.

Jokingly, of course... ;)
I like the tagline: "Shakespeare knew how to throw a party."
For those who have seen the movie, is there any color in the film at all? I'm talking little splashes of color here.
No. That was just for the trailer. Thought apparently Joss did have one scene that had colour in it but they didn't put in in the final cut (cost?).

ETA: Found the reference. Someone asked Joss about it at the WonderCon panel.

How did Joss decide to put hints on color in the black-and-white? Apparently thatís only an element in the trailer, not in the actual film. One scene in the film was filmed in Jossí daughterís room, which is bright pink, and they would have loved to include it but couldnít because of budget issues.

Redders, me too! I can't wait for 9 pm April 18th at the Wisconsin Film Festival!
Simon: I actually love that idea (Much Ado sequel), it would be a wonderful bit of fan fiction fun.
I love this new poster and sort of can't wait to buy one for my wall.
Seconded -- I can't wait to buy one of these posters. Anyone know if they're planning on selling them?
Me three! Usually there are sites online that sell movie posters, but I notice that so far (and obviously it is early days) they are only showing the old 'Much Ado' poster.

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