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April 11 2013

New England premiere of Much Ado. The Independent Film Festival Boston is having a showing on April 27th. Tickets are only $10!

Where is the $10 information? I found pass prices but not individual screenings.
You click the Buy Tickets button.
Thanks for the heads up! See you folks there.
Anyone here from Argentina? The movie will be shown at the BAFICI festival. I don't think it warrants a separate thread, but still worth mentioning. I'm watching it Friday night. YAY!

EDIT: Here's the link to the festival's site, tickets are only $20 and $15 (for film students).

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Finally one close to me and I can't go! I wish I didn't have to work on Saturdays.
Any hope that one of you kind people will share the experience here? Pretty please?
@madhatter Will do! Excited to go :)
The Premiere was tonight, it was awesome with big surprises!

The line was huge and full of Whedonites! They gave a prize to the first person in line, he came at noon. Alot of people from Can't Stop the Serenity Boston was around. I did see a Kaylee Cosplay.

Fran Kranz and Jillian Morgese surprised everyone to introduce the movie and announced a Q&A afterwards.

The movie itself was amazing! Hilarious from beginning to end. It was also very easy to follow the basic plot. Nathan got the biggest cheer when he appeared on screen. On more than one occasion, the audience was laughing so hard you couldn't hear what was being said for a good 30 secs!

I know we keep on hearing that Nathan steals the show but I would have to give the funniest moments to Alexis Denisoff. Also Amy Acker was a joy to watch on screen. We need to see more movies with her.

After the showing Fran and Jillian came back out. They went over the same old things, how fun it was to be on set, how they didn't know they were filming an actually movie until they got on set, how easy it was to work with Joss and it seemed like a huge family get together with all the actors and crew since they worked together before. They also thought this was going to be the first festival that was not primarily Whedon fans, they were wrong!

Jillian seemed a bit nervous in front of everyone. The biggest thing I picked up from her was how appreciative she was of Joss. How he basically took and extra from Avengers and noticed enough of her to give her an audition.

Some new information came out of this. Someone asked if Joss was still doing the Shakespeare get together or if he had any other plans to do another film. They both looked at each other and smiled. They said they weren't sure if they should say something and nothing is official yet. They mentioned if I remember correctly he wants to do Hamlet. To me it seemed like they knew more than they said, but it could just be wishful thinking. I don't remember the exact wording but something was mentioned about maybe after Avengers 2.

I was also able to ask Fran about Lust for Love. He seemed a little frustrated with the situation. He said he saw the film last summer and it looked like it was done. He added the director was a perfectionist and was redoing the score. To me it seemed he really didn't understand why it wasn't out yet.

After the Q&A both were nice enough to meet with the fans. Fran was mobbed. Jillian had a few people around her. They both did autos and pics!

This was an amazing event! Both Fran and Jillian were the friendliest people to talk too. They took time to meet with everyone who wanted to meet them, nothing felt rushed. Best $10 I've ever spent!!!

I have some videos and pics I'll post at some point.

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Good review, A_Leaf!

I also attended yesterday's Somerville premiere, and loved it, although the woman next to me kept saying to her husband, "I STILL don't understand what's going on!" every ten minutes. This annoyed me at first, but became hilarious by the end.

Fran also mentioned that Joss's only direction advice to him was to play Claudio as "a temperamental jock."

I had the impression that any future Shakespeare project would not happen until after "television obligations" which I took to mean "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
Yeah, my impression was that he wanted too and maybe had a plan but Avengers and SHIELD were in the way. Kind of what we heard of Dr Horrible 2 for the past few years.

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