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April 11 2013

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith # 21. The beginning of the final arc of Angel & Faith in season 9.

Good preview ! I'm looking forward to this issue !
I just hope Gage is gonna kick Spike out of his story fast, because he writes him in the wrong, wrong way.
I'm guessing Spike's gone already. The end of #19 seemed to wrap up his arc there.

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That would be great ! Thanks !
Distilling magical items into "pure energy"?
An idea of sorts is... DAWNing on me...
Great preview. From the exchange between Alistaire and Angel about justifying the latter's actions, I think we're in for an interesting exploration of some of Angel's less desirable patterns of behaviour.

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I think Cage wrote Spike perfectly, I don't mind him being gone though. This is Angel's book after all, well Angel and Faith that is. I feel like I got enough of Spike in Angel season 5, but his one shot here was fun.

Spike needs some kind of important story. It seems like he's just a guy doing cameos in other people's books. He's entertaining, but he doesn't seem to really matter anymore. He has no purpose. If he wasn't such a humongous fan favorite I'd say he'd be a good character to kill off.
I think next season we'll get an Angel & Spike book.
Speaking as a Spike fan, I tend to agree with @Angel&Faith. It's more painful to watch him be unimportant to the story, than it would be to give him a good death. More and more I regret their choice to resurrect him for AtS.

In principle, there should be a good story in an Angel&Spike book. But I'd kind of fear that Spike would end up getting second billing much the way Faith has. Pretty much I'm not going to be happy about any interesting character being put in Angel's book as long as the writers are going to keep writing him dark, but also writing him and all the other characters as not thinking he's as dark as he's been written. That's a provisional opinion. If the finale of A&F goes through Angel's darkness rather than around it, I'll be a happy camper. I just have little hope that's how the story will play out... and accordingly little desire to see Spike take over Faith's function of running around and telling Angel he's being too hard on himself.
Spike has a background with Pearl and Nash, so it would make sense for him to be in the final fight. Spike would also be able to recognize Angelus better than most.
As a fan of both Spike and Angel, I actually have to argue that Faith isn't getting "second billing". In a lot of ways, this has been more of her book than Angel's this season. Not that I mind - "Angel and Faith" has been the fantastic gem of season nine while all the other books have disappointed, Angel & Faith have shined for me every month.

Anyway, to me, Angel and Faith is much of Faith's story as Angel, and she comes off as more of a the protagonist than Angel does. Angel, in some ways, is more of a plot device while Faith is coming off more as the "hero" here. If you notice with most of the writing, more of the story was in Faith's perspective than Angel's.

Also, Simon, I would adore an Angel & Spike Book. They'll snark like little old ladies at each other. And drawn by Rebekka? Icing on the cake.
It depends on how you look at it. From where I sit -- Angel has first billing. (a) right there in the title, it's not Faith and Angel, after all. (b) the plot is about his project, which Faith has now bought into. and (c) she's still has too much faith in him -- which if the story had been more about her should have been more of an issue. I'd have liked to see her struggle more with the fact that she's basically helping Giles' killer. I know she's got strong reasons to be super loyal to Angel. But season 8 should have stretched the bounds of that loyalty and it would have been nice to see more drama around that. She's had her own stuff going on. For a minute there I thought they were going to do some real drama over her conflict in loyalties (Angel/Nadira). But that sort of evaporated. Pretty much every time she seems to be going somewhere she snaps back to being Angel's yes girl. And above all following his lead on things. See, e.g. these very preview pages. Maybe the last arc will do more in that regard, but I'm not holding my breath. Really can't wish the same fate on my favorite character.

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