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April 11 2013

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse comics for July. Buffy #23, Angel & Faith #24, Dark Horse Presents #26 and the Angel & Faith Volume 4 trade paperback.

Also note the continuation of the Buffy story in Dark Horse Presents #26.
Just did.

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Is Illyria getting her powers back ? I had hope for Fred :(
Holy Fred! So will she be coming back? That's Fred on the cover right?
I guess it's Illyria getting back her power ... Maybe it's a red herring and Fred will definitely come back ! That's what I hope actually.
Really hoping/praying for Fred to return also! Glad to hear its not just me :)

Anyone else notice the potentially huge spoiler for the A&F solicit..?

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Is there normally Buffy stuff in Dark Horse Presents? Is it separate material than Season 9? I'm lost.
From what I understand the Buffy in the Dark Horse Presents book is a Billy story penned by Jane Espenson.
phisho: "Is there normally Buffy stuff in Dark Horse Presents? Is it separate material than Season 9? I'm lost."

No, this issue and the one before it are the only ones that have had Buffy related material. All indications are that is part of Season 9. I believe that all new Buffy material Dark Horse has released since Season 8 began is "canon."
I love that Jeanty cover. Hope the issue lives up to it.
Fred coming back would be such a cheap thing to do now. Once in a while someone needs to stay dead. At the rate former characters have already returned in S8/9 I half expect Jesse or Kendra to pop up again any day now. It'd be nice if we could leave at least one death with some meaning.

Sidenote; I did think it was hinty that the Deeper Well was mentioned at a recent panel. Apparently so. Been wondering how that would be affected with the Seed having broken. There's an awful lot of magic that was holding things there.

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Yep, aedan4818, I agree there's potentially a VERY big spoiler in the A&F solicit.
@aedan4818 and @Alex_Jamieson: this would be the first time that the painted cover has such a minimal background and in a rather strange colour. Similarly, the alt. cover usually has much more details in the background. I'm guessing these are not the final covers. Dark Horse is "covering" spoilers in those up.

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