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April 12 2013

Ed Sheeran's unhealthy Buffy obsession. He discusses it in this radio interview.

This makes me happy. I love this guy. One of the songs he wrote for One Direction ("Over Again") is one of my favorite tracks of the past few months.
Hum... who is Ed Sheeran supposed to be?
Numfar, Ed's a British singer/songwriter, 21 years old, was nominated for a Grammy for "The A Team," which he sang with Elton John at the Grammy's. A tremendous musical talent... he also performed at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.
He's a household name in the UK, and I'm pretty sure he'll be one in the U.S. as well within the year.
Oh, and he has great taste in television apparently, haha.
Sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to send a couple of weeks.


If only there had been seven seasons of 24 episodes each. Just imagine discovering the missing 24 episodes!
I always watched BtVS w/friends new to the show at a nice reasonable pace (like two per week), but I did make myself sick marathoning Dexter!
As far as I'm concerned, this just makes Ed Sheeran even more awesome.
@Hellani: Except that he seemed to have an existential crisis as a result of watching too much Buffy -- like he was wasting his life or something -- and then decided that he "had to go back on the road."

Western problems...
That's not an obsession. That's a TV marathon - a phase many pass through. I did the same with Fringe, Lost, Sherlock - and I'm not obsessed with any of them. And I agree, for a moment there, it was unhealthy!

Well, maybe I'd develop one for Sherlock if I had the time...

But marathoning through obsessions you've already seen, now that's so much more fun! I think it's about time I marathon through ST: DS9 again. I'm sure RL will disagree. *grumble*
this explains why I have serious spuffy feels when listening to kiss me by ed sheeran. He must have written it with them in mind! :p

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