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February 25 2004

A Stake Through The Heart of Quality Television. "For many, Friday the 13th is a day of superstition. It is a day where one should watch over shoulders and remain ever vigilant lest something dreadful happens upon them."

"And last Friday, 13 April 2004, something vile transpired within the hallowed land of signals, coaxial cable and pizza-sized satellite receivers. This was the day the five-year-old program Angel died at the hands of a merciless troll (read "television executive") at the WB Network."

It was also my birthday. Great gift, huh? D:
I read about it on the 14th (I live outside the US and the news broke while I was sleeping). Kinda killed Valentine's Day for me.
Hey, it was my birthday too. Small world.
This is a great article, but we need some like this on mainstream news!
If there is any justice in this world...Jordan Levin will be visited by "The Gentleman" and have his heart ripped out...oh wait...he has no heart...oh yeah...forgot...boy I guess I'm the idiot!!! NOT. Well maybe the slimy, little snake can be blown to bits...ala "The Mayor"...yeah that's good...or maybe both...YEAH....or............oops!...sorry...just some random thoughts...dark...but remember...random! LOL
Coll, that post made my brain hurt. :o)
Cabus, Haunt, this is weird...February 13th is my birthday, too...I saw it online late...didn't tell my wife till Monday, because I didn't want to kill the weekend....strange...

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