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April 12 2013

Steven S. DeKnight on the series finale of his Spartacus. Steven S. DeKnight (Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse) reflects on his series Spartacus on which both Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Dollhouse and SHIELD) served as producers.

I admit I cried a little when I watched it.
I cried so much. I am so glad they ended the show on such a great note and seeing Andy at the end was a nice touch.

Also Anna Hutchison was in this season as Laeta.
And now I'm finally free to buy the entire Spartacus series so I can watch it all in one go. Excellent. Next up, Breaking Bad.

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So few comments for such a great series finale of such a great show...

Well to spread the love, I have to say that for me personally, this was one of the best and most compelling concluding episodes to a series ever. It was admirably epic, intense and action-packed (even shows with much greater budgets like Rome or Game of Thrones were not able to achieve this level of battle epicness), it had lots of emotions, well mixed dosages of pathos, surprising twists, many references and nostalgic look backs in to the shows past, nice closure to all the story and character arcs and besides many more other things also a truly amazing musical score. I will miss this outstanding show, but it couldn't have ended on a higher note with a better final episode. ;)

What more can I say not only Mr. DeKnight learned from the best, but he was also a good learner. :)
I was a mess at the end already but that very last post-credits shot totally killed me. I mean, it had to be there but that didn't distract from its effectiveness.
I recommend listening to Maureen Ryan's one hour post-Spartacus interview with Steven DeKnight. Very extensive, covering the production, writing the stylized dialogue, writing same-sex relationships, etc. He also goes into what his new series Incursion will be like if it gets picked up.

I really love how frank and open DeKnight is and always has been with critics and fans. I can listen to him talk about TV for hours. It was very entertaining, and as a fan of same-sex relationships on TV, I admire his policy of treating all couples with the same realness and amount of attention, sex scenes and all. And it's not made into a big deal at all. It's just normal. Like Mo said in the podcast, Spartacus might be the only TV in the last few years who has actually done that.

I also like that Incursion will have a female protagonist. Not a lot of hard core sci-fi shows like that. Actually, off hand I can't think of any but maybe I'm wrong.

As for the finale itself, I kind of lost my shit over it. That final scene with Spartacus and Crassus was so visceral for me that I was literally shaking. Liam McIntyre looked like he was possessed. Every actor brought their A game to the episode, and completely surpassed my expectation. Outstanding.

Gratitude to Steven DeKnight and the entire cast and crew for putting on such a brilliant and meaningful series, and compromising nothing along the way.

And rest in peace to Andy Whitfield. You were a shining light in the lives of many, and you were a powerful force on the screen. For that I have so much gratitude. You will always be missed.
I don't even know when I'll be able to see this last series, the way GO! has been treating the show in Australia. Had to temporarily unfollow DeKnight on twitter to avoid spoilers. But I really love how he engages with fans and doesn't mince words with trolls. Whatever he does next, I'm there. Hoping Starz greenlights Incursion.
That was one amazing series finale ! One of the best I've ever seen. And yes I cried.
Thank you Mr DeKnight (and all the others). "Spartacus" brought back this very epic feeling that I had only experienced in the Buffyverse and in Dr Who, and it's a beautiful thing.
I know some folks here tuned in way back during Season 1 and couldn't get through the first 1 to 4 episodes, but Season 1 evolves into a beauty of a series. Read the first five paragraphs in the link to Maureen Ryan's article for more concise convincing from someone who watches a ton of TV.

The series finale was a thing of beauty (as were many episodes this season, IMO--only Season 2 was a bit rusty in parts, IMO. Season 1, the prequel season, and this third and final season, were all excellent overall).

Got a tear or two outta me, yep. The previous episode, with Nasir seeing Agron unexpectedly still living (among the exchanged captives), then...I can't even remember what did it in the finale (just aired in Canada last night), but probably the ending with all the goodbyes to dying Spartacus. Gannicus' memories or hallucinations...

And yes, while the entire final battle was incredible (I mean this is television and it felt like a feature film for the most part), the two times that Spartacus & Crassus met were intense. That face-off was nerve-wracking and emotional.

Man I'm gonna miss the cast and the writing, the setting, the costumes (and lack of 'em, heh)...I'm glad it ended when it did, though.

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