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April 12 2013

The series finale of Buffy is heartwarmingly feminist. Hard to believe we're coming up on ten years since 'Chosen' aired.

That "Mona Lisa" smile at the end just steals my heart.
crazy its been 10years but hah we've the graphic novels to keep us happy though
The graphic novels have kept us happy?
It is sort of startling that it won't be long before 8/9+ will have run for as long in Real Life as the TV series did.

Also, it's odd that the author here does bow to criticisms of the show in general, but apparently not to the feminist Fridge Logic of the finale when people started to go "well, wait, it wasn't about making a choice at all, was it?" and so on. I'm an age-old fence sitter on the symbolism and feminist/non-feminist subtext of the spell, but mostly because I just don't care all that much -- the symbolism of the spell and what it means to just cause a couple thousand spontaneous superhero origin stories to take place and what it means for agency and how it relates to the Slayer metaphor are all just sort of buried to me under the weight of "it was that or be ubervamp food, so...?"
Sometimes people seem to confuse getting power with getting responsibilities. The Potentials got Slayer powers but there was no rule that they had to use those powers against demons. They weren't forced to join a Slayer army.
"Throws fruits and various meats"
Yup. Consent debates incoming...

That's a good point, Suzie, and I've often said that myself. On the other hand, getting power does mean getting responsibilities. (Has Spiderman taught us nothing?)

On the third hand, we might as well criticize all the women who have made it possible for other women to have new careers, take on new roles, etc., on the basis that since women don't just have to be wives & mothers any more, those pioneers have imposed a choice on all women whether they liked it or not.

Fourth hand, I can argue myself in knots on this one...

I did like the point that bucking the ancient creepy dudes has rather wider relevance. I'll need to add that to my BtVS synthesis essay.

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