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April 14 2013

Happy Birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Our beloved Slayer turns 36 today.

Happy Birthday SMG, still a baby at 36...
36! Where did the time go?
I want this woman on Twitter before she turns 40.
Happy Birthday! Funny, I just saw a quote from her on a magazine today!
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy birthday, Sarah! All the best!
Will always by my hero. Great beauty never ages!
Best. Actor. Ever. And so neat.
Personally, I don't expect her to dive into twitter.

Happy Birthday to her, of course, and many happy returns and further success in both career and family. Truly a rare actress.
@KingofCretins, I concur. She's been on TV since she was 4, I think a healthy dose of skepticism at at what could be gained versus the tradeoffs associated with being directly accessible is more than warranted perhaps even more so given a husband in the business too. Maybe all it takes is the right assistant...but I'm not holding my breath.

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