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April 14 2013

(SPOILER) Warehouse 13 episode with James Marsters is available online. The new episode is available 2 weeks before broadcast. I have seen it and he was excellent.

Does Syfy normally put episodes online two weeks before it airs?
"Does Syfy normally put episodes online two weeks before it airs?"

Not as far as I can remember on a returning series. This may have something to do with promoting the new series Defiance.

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Simon - I don't know if Syfy normally puts episodes on early; however, several networks have been putting the first episode of a show (new or buzzworthy) online a couple of weeks before its season starts. It helps to get folks talking about it - and remembering it if there's been a long hiatus.

I watched the Warehouse 13 episode last night and enjoyed it. Looks like James will be around for more than one episode.
The commercials (all for Windows 8) were dropped today.
Cute. Nice "entrance."

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