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April 14 2013

Julie Benz discusses her new show. Interview with Julie Benz about her role as mayor in Syfy's new show Defiance.

I am looking forward to the debut tonight. Many people involved whom I like- Julie herself, Stephanie Leonidas (from Mirror Man), Mia Krishner. And sounds like a great story.
I'm looking forward to this show, also. I watched the first 14 minutes of it and it looks good. It has been receiving a good buzz, which is reassuring. If it is good, let's keep our fingers crossed that it gets watched by enough people that its ratings keep it on the air.
Been keeping an eye out for this one as well. Let's hope it's good, and, if it is, let's hope for the best.
Sigh, SyFy doesn't come in on my TV and I won't hog my landlady's kitchen til all hours, but I hope it does "cable-well."
I am hesitant to give SyFy another chance after they killed off Dresden Files and Flash Gordon... And let Stargate wither away.
Well I watched the pilot and man was that bad. Terra Nova level bad. I wasn't expecting much from SyFy, but everything about it was awful. From the cheap CGI right on down to the script.
I don't know, I sort of disagree. There were some really good things here- I really like Stephanie Leonidas as Arissa (not sure I am spelling it right), because she is a real warrior woman. The pilot set up a good number of storylines, too- the machinations between the real bad guy alien and his even badder wife and the family led by Graham Greene, the machinations of the former mayor, the relationship between the brothel owner and the current mayor, etc. About the only thing I had problems with was the main male character, who was played a bit too broadly here- he is, so far, a type, rather than a person. The "war" was a bit much, really, but the rest I really enjoyed. And the best character in the entire show- the doctor! She was great! I love that one line of hers, "good human." And her take no crap approach to Arissa threatening her with the cutter- "Shut up, bitch!" So, I am in for now.

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