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April 14 2013

The Avengers wins the MTV Award for Movie of the Year! Congrats to Joss for taking home the golden popcorn for movie of the year. Avengers also won for Best Fight and Tom Hiddleston won for Best Villain.

I thought it was amazing that they made Joss talk. Though did anyone else think they cut Joss off at the end?
It was well deserved. : )
My sis and I were in the pit of the audience, and were the only people around us YELLING at the top of our lungs, so when Joss said "thanks to the fans, especially these fans over here", he motioned to us!!! :D

And Tom was absolutely adorable, and had a beyond well-deserved win. I'm SO grateful to have been in the audience!!!

Avengers FTW!
FangedFourLover is my sis :) so I was there too! Haha

Joss DID get cut off. At the end, they just turned their mics off. Joss and everyone onstage looked so confused so they all eventually just walked off. Terrible... BUT, YAY JOSS AND TOM!!!!
Delighted for Joss. I love The Avengers and its honestly so heart warming to see him keep getting the reocogition he deserves. Great about Tom too.
A well-deserved award. Also, best villain and best fight this year, literally NO ONE who's seen the movie is surprised by that.
I was trying to find a clip but MTV USA makes it impossible for anyone outside the US. But there's loads of pics on Tumblr. Joss' Bieber quip seems to have gone down a storm.
I don't know, I actually saw the clip on the MTV site and I'm from Romania. I guess it should work for other people as well.
Thanks but I get automatically redirected to MTV UK whenever I try to watch it.
They were all great, and they looked as if they were having a ball. The Bieber gag made me choke on my scotch. As per usual, it just made me wish I were there. I really need to go to one of these things...
Simon, I get the option to "Continue to MTV US anyway" which then plays the clip. You might want to try another browser or clear your cookies, I think it saves the choice.

Edit: MTV's website works in Firefox, but not Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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Oh dear, this is all good stuff for a Monday morning wake up bang over the head. And the Joss Whedon tag on tumblr is fun.

Congrats Joss, especially for out Biebering Bieber yesterday.
Not having seen the nominations, which was the best fight and were there multiple candidates from The Avengers?

I'm thinking Tony and Steve on the Helicarrier, Natasha taking on the Hulk, the team fighting the Chitauri horde, and of course Hulk vs Loki.

... And the silhouette fight from Skyfall for balance.
I always forget how much Tumblr adores the Avengers cast until one of them does or says anything near a camera and the tags explode.
I had a choice to go to the US site, where I was told I couldn't watch the clip. But MTV Canada has a photo of Joss. Not quite the same.
Oh great, now I'll be forced to watch the replay of this even though I just watched the clips.

Yay for Joss. Surprised they let him talk and the cast gave him recognition during the other acceptance speeches. Maybe its because I don't follow many other creative people but it seems like most diretors get ignored at events like this and its all about the rock stars aka actors.

In 2013 we can say MTV got it right and the oscars got it wrong.

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There's various little clips on youtube, but if you just want to watch Joss play with his popcorn - cast
loved the speech that Joss gave, and still among all that people he managed to be funny, that's why actors of the pedigree of Tom Hiddleston appreciate him so much, he es genuinely likeable
Oddly in the UK, I can view it just fine in Firefox but Opera or IE force-redirect me or allow me to pick the US option then tell me I can't view it for copyright reasons anyway.

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Joss' speeches are too good to not get more awards! Not to mention face time on national television.
It looked like Joss had a good time, he is always entertaining (the Bieber joke was very timely and right on the nose), and I loved Tom's acceptance speech too!
Tom's "I am Loki... of Asgard... and I am burdened with glorious popcorn" gave me a chuckle.
Yay for Joss! Awesome to see him get some actual recognition. Can't wait for SHIELD.

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