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October 02 2002

Suggestion re: Whistler

It would be great to bring Whistler back to help guide Spike with his restored soul. It was Whistler who gave Angel a sense of purpose after Angel spent years in torment after the gypsy curse restored his soul. Whistler could similarly put Spike on the "right" path (whatever Joss, Marti and the rest decide that might be...). Also, it would give more depth to the enigma that was/is Whistler, and perhaps provide an amazing tie-in to Angel, Wolfram & Hart and "The Powers That Be", since Angel is no longer the only "Vampire with a Soul". Talk about potential plot lines! If anyone wants to get in touch with me about this suggestion, let me know. Great first couple of "Buffy's" this year, by the way!

A few links in hopes of saving this thread:

Buffy Meets Whistler and Angel's the key from the Buffy DB.

Whistler on the Prairie from The ABC's of Sunnydale.

Whistler first appeared in the two part episode Becoming. The full transcript is available online. Whistler was a one-shot character who seemed to be focused on Angel. It was allegedly Whistler who talked Angel into protecting Buffy as a way of redeeming himself so he'd quit feeling sorry for himself and make something of himself. Whistler has not been seen since. He claimed to be a demon, but acted more like a very lazy Guardian Angel. Why we haven't seen him again either in Buffy or Angel is beyond me. Would be nice to see the character again, but maybe the actor is no longer available to Whedon. From a writer's standpoint, Whistler was little more than an easy opportunity at exposition, to tell things to Buffy (and the audience by proxy) that no other character could know, but he was cryptic and in the end not very helpful. The character had potential but for some reason Whedon just never used him again.

Whistler's also notable because (I believe) he was the first demonic character in the BuffyVerse that we saw who was not assumedly evil on the outset. His goals were uncertain, but it seemed he took orders from The Powers That Be rather indirectly. Whistler has made appearances online in a lot of fanfic, but in a cursory examination of some websearches I found nothing linkworthy. There's a definite desire among the fan community though. We do wanna see Whistler again. That's a given.

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whistler was originally the doyle character on Angel, but they couldn't get the actor to reprise his role
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Thinking about it more... it would make no sense for Whistler to come help Spike. I don't think Whistler and Spike have ever met. It would make just as much sense to have Doyle come back to help Spike. Only, Doyle's dead (as in cleaned up by a janitor dead not hanging out with friends dead) so maybe Whistler's involvement would make just a little bit more sense.

Further, Whistler's involvement with Angel seemed to be because he believed Angel to be an integral component in stopping that bad thing from happening, but then Buffy boinked Angel and everything went weird. Whistler may have screwed the pooch so bad from his bosses' point of view that he's not allowed back. Whistler wasn't exactly one of the good guys, but his job was to help maintain a sense of neutral order, so no one would get the upper hand.

If Whistler was called to help out Spike, it would mean that Spike was somehow important in a bigger scheme of things, and I kinda like the deal where Spike thinks he's THE Big Bad and he's really just an annoying cretin that talks a lot but has no important effect on the universe in any way, shape or form. I say we're better off without Whistler. Let Spike drag himself out of the muck he created with his own two hands. It's much more entertaining watching him squirm on the hook.

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