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February 25 2004

New AtS promo pix Or at least, pix I haven't seen before, of Amy Acker, J.August Richards and James Marsters, all of them looking even more scrumptious than usual.

WTF is wrong with the WB??? These are gorgeous people they should've been exploiting like crazy to promote this show!

I know the James photos are from the WB promos of Angel but I don't know where J and Any's are from.
I'm pretty sure they're all from the WB promos, which I don't see nearly enough of!
The WB does promos? Huh...imagine that.
Of course they do promos! I see them all the time. For Surreal life, for Smallville, for Gilmore Girls for Frickin' Charmed...
I think they have a show called Angel too, but I only see stuff about it once in a while.
Oh, is that a television show? I wondered. They recently put an ad on the side of our buses here but it's just a picture of some guy and it says, "Live fast. Die never." I figure it must be about James Dean's ghost or something. It's new right 'cause I never saw anything about it before.
stakeholder - are you sure that's a WB promo? 'Cause I think TNT promotes Angel in syndication with the "Live fast, die never" tagline, not the WB.

Oh yes, everyone, stop and take a moment to savor the delicious irony: TNT spends more to promote the show than the WB.
Ugh. Hey wren, I'm positive you're right but you wanna know why I'm not sure? Because if there is any information on that ad about what/where/when it is, you must have to have your face right up to the bus to see! I sure haven't.
You guys are being too hard on the WB. I always see promos for Angel. The ones they show right after Smallville when they say "You're just moments away from Angel...." There have been many a day I've been sitting around, enjoying a quality episode of Smallville and then go, "Hey! Angel! I remember that show. Since it's on right now and I'm too lazy to change the channel, maybe I'll watch it!!"
Ah, the surly lot that is disgruntled fandom. I am proud to be a member!
you may now carry on with your WB bashing
The season three DVD's are being promoted by "Live Fast, Die Never" also. I'm pretty sure it's a 20th Century Fox tagline, not a WB slogan.
Personally, I think the "Live Fast, Die Never" tagline is awesome. I first saw the ad on top of a taxicab out here in Seattle and immediately wanted to think of a way to steal it and hang it on my bedroom wall. Oh, and it was for the TNT episodes, not the WB.
What a lovely article. And we are a disgruntled, surly bunch -- but not without tender humanity under all that ire. Poke us in the heart with a sharp stake, do we not bleed? *clasps hands to chest*

They don't understand it's out of pure love that we scorn and loathe the WBs of the world. We just want them to be better, that's all. We care passionately that they're dumping quality for pure crap. Why oh why can't they see that?! ;)
In Chicago we have "Live Fast. Die Never" for syndication on the local Fox affiliate. (Ha!)

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