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April 15 2013

Joss drops hint for Avengers 2. He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the sequel at last night's MTV Movie Awards.

It's a very shopworn comparison at this late stage of the game but I suspect Joss is going to lay some Empire Strikes Back-style awful down on these characters. And we'll lap up every second of it.
"Themselves"...maybe the Marvel Civil War story?
Life Model Decoys, anyone? Coupled with a skrull invasion? Or perhaps the camaraderie in the first Avengers will be thrown out of the window as everyone scrambles to get their hands on the Infinity Gaunlet?

So many possibilities...all of them awesome. How great is it to be a comic book nerd right now?
I think the schwarma comes back to haunt them. They are their own worst enemies for eating there. An entire movie of gastrointestinal suffering. It'll be a gas! Nothing against schwarma though!
I'd prefer actual conflict between the heroes rather than decoys or Skrulls. Much more interesting that way. And of course, this is coming from the man who had Angel & Willow go bad and had Westley go really, really dark.
My biggest question is, was the Thanos tease just setting up for Guardians or for Avengers 2?

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