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April 15 2013

Amy Acker tweets old set photos from Angel. Featuring the old "floating head of Lorne under my arm" trick.

Pete Campbell has a lot of hair!
Aww! I teared up a little bit. Andy :(
RIP Lorne :( Taken too young.

I keep thinking that the Angel cancellation actually affected/affects me more than Firefly being cut short since I lived through Angel's demise(and the announcement came on my birthday of all days).

These images bring all those feels back.

PS: RIP Andy ... :/
Memories sigh!
Oh my heart ached a little bit looking at those. Miss that show so much.
lovely memories - seeing Andy and Vincent makes me remember how sweet they were at an Angel con back in 2004 in Glasgow. Andy is still sadly missed.
Sadness @ Lorne. :(

Though I love the pic of Acker/Denisof. Makes me excited for Much Ado!

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