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April 16 2013

Disney Princesses as The Avengers. A slide show of "what if's".

"At a time when it's still depressingly normal for franchises like "The Avengers" to be marketed with sexist slogans, Stoll's art is a powerful way to flip princess culture inside out." (Huffington Post).

Wow that Hulk is... well, I'm not sure what is is, so I'll just laugh.

Many of the commenters on the Huffington Post site seem to have had their funny bones removed. They seem to think this artist's work is Disney plotting to annoy or disturb them.
@bigsofty I suspect this is largely a result of the company (Disney) being namechecked a number of times more than the artist or the fandom he is a part of. And the fandom is a huge part of the context that welcomes this kind of mashing and remixing (for another recent example, see Felicia Day's recent collaboration/mash-up with a YouTube musician of Maroon 5's Payphone and Disney's Some Day My Prince...).

Absent that context, all commenters can do is react from their gut — and the "[insert random boogeyman of the minute] is ruining everything we love for [profit/the hell of it/greed/selfishness/awfulness]" narrative just seems the most instinctive... and simply easy.
Huh, I feel so stupid it didn't hit me that Pocahontas would be Captain America since she is only of the only two clearly American princesses coming to mind.

It might have been since I was too focused on what iconography matched and pretty much none of them really do. (I guess Mulan did use a bow at some point maybe but I was associating her with swords and shields.)

It does fit that Jasmine does come from a wealthy background though and is Iron Man adjacent? (Granted many of them do.)

Belle from Beauty and the Beast had a similar backstory with an inventor father I suppose? Or she'd also have been a suitable Hulk since there's that beast dichotomy aside from her being book-minded.

In terms of the sexiness though, if the heroic Disney girls are still going to have a bit of weirdly placed sex appeal (in terms of strategically cut costumes) I wonder who'd work as a sexy male Black Widow.
I love Pocahontas as Captain America, and Jasmine as Ironman is good. But the Sultan as Black Widow? And the Hulk Snow White doesn't do it for me.

I'm not really keeping up with the Disney Princesses anymore! Although Mulan is supposed to be quite good?
katsadako-Mulan is a fine movie. Not quite historically accurate, it brings an opportunity to bring up gender roles. (Mulan is an historical figure-lived 12 years as a man in The Emporer's Army without detection. IRL, she 'took the job.')
bigsoftly-Given the recnt 'ad fail', the time was ripe for something like this. The Princesses have an incalculable impact-it's hard to tell what it could lead to.
I find Snow Hulk kinda looks like a female Shrek....?
Flynn Ryder would be one heck of a Black Widow. He was a thief, so easy transition.

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